Meng 1/35 VsKfz 617 Minenraumer MSS-001

Meng 1/35 VsKfz 617 Minenraumer MSS-001




German VsKfz 617 Minenraumer

Vskfz 617 is a German mysterious weapon which used in World War II and has an unknown story. The strong and gigantic wheels are used for the detonation of mines to obtain a cleared access path for German infantry and AFVs. The vehicle has a turret of Panzer I tank which is equipped with mg-34 machine guns ensuring the close defense of the machine. It is said that VsKfz 617 had been through the battle of Kursk. According to the result of soviet texts, the vehicle is not a good minesweeper.

Information about this kit:

Highly percussive VsKfz 617 minesweeper kit in scale 1/35, its length, width and altitude are 188mm, 91.5mm and 81.5mm respectively. The shoes which have the metal blocks inside are included in the box. The three wheels can be moved and turned freely. Separate molding links reproduce the appearance of real vehicle precisely so as to make the wheel-making easier.


  • Big bizarre body gives a strong momentum of oppression. Weld lines, rivets etc. are realized precisely.

  • Rear wheel can rotate as real vehicle with fine metal chain included. All hatches are designed separately.

  • The wheel shoes are designed according to the construction of real ones. They are movable and look real

  • The delicate turret is reproduced precisely with accurate appearance and excellently detailed bolts. A stereoscopic turret done!

  • Elaborately designed wheels and tracks are separately molded. Track shoes with metal blocks look with a strong feeling of weight.


Brand Meng
Shipping Weight 0.5700kg