Magic Crystal Coral Reef Kit 70083

Magic Crystal Coral Reef Kit 70083



Grow a flowering crystal reef in just 10 hours!

Everything you need to make a blossoming crystal coral reef is included in this kit. Your first coral will start to appear in one to two hours. The coral will continue to blossom and in just 10 hours, your stunning Magic Crystal Coral Reef will be fully grown!

Detailed instructions are included inside the box.

Age: 10+

What You Get

1 x Magic Crystal Coral Reef kit. Includes all ingredients and instructions for making a crystal coral reef.

How It Works

The secret to the crystal growth is in the saturated crystal solution. Once the reef has been slotted together, place it into a plastic dish containing the saturated solution (all included). The solution is then drawn up the special paper coral by capillary action. The increased surface area at the extremities of the coral shapes results in a greater evaporation rate of the solvent leaving the crystal solute behind on the surface of the special blotting paper. Water soluable dyes in the tips of the reef help create a fantastic colourful effect. 


  • Crystals
  • Chemistry
  • Capillary Action

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.


Brand Magic the Gathering

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