Luckys Misadventures

Luckys Misadventures



You and your dog Lucky should not have taken the shortcut through the woods that night. How were you to know that Pumpkin Ted was going to open a portal to the strange world of Oddtopia? Lucky, your protector and faithful companion, broke his leash and chased Pumpkin Ted back through the portal into an unfamiliar world. Oddtopia is a surreal and sometimes dark world of Tinkerers, Wickeds and Oddlings and is protected by the Great Mechanical Toad. Will you and Lucky find a way home, or will you stay and become the Great and Powerful Witchard of Oddtopia? Luckys Misadventures is a SIMULTANEOUS PLAY deck building game like no other: Fate cards change the game each round, Head to Head challenges, combine junk cards to build cool steampunk machines and there are instant win conditions. Don't forget to Feed the Toad! Feed the Toad! Feed the Toad!


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