Labyrinx Strategy Game

Labyrinx Strategy Game



Each year the Kingdom tournament acclaim it’s winner as a hero, but for the ones who lose there is no guarantee that they will even be remembered...Only those gifted with a sharp mind, a lot of determination and some strategy will triumph in the end.

The Labyrinth Expands...
In Labyrinx, each player controls a character with unique features and abilities, venturing themselves inside a dungeon. Your goal is to be the first to get five treasures, and for that you’ll have to face monsters, escape traps and unlock chests. But beware! The tyrant who created this place to hide his fortune didn’t save efforts making it a magic filled labyrinth, where paths are constantly shifting.

The mystic energy that sustains the Labyrinx expands it in response to every exploration act made by the players and, at the end of a few movements, a mist surrounds the paths just traveled, leaving behind only memories and perceptions of the most mindful ones.


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