Kyosho 1/12 Plazma Ra 2.0 1/12 EP 2WD Racing Car

Kyosho 1/12 Plazma Ra 2.0 1/12 EP 2WD Racing Car



A new racing scene has evolved in the four years since the launch of the PLASMA Ra in December 2011. Now is the time for a new machine that embodies the sum of all knowledge from constant racing competition. With the flexibility to adapt to different conditions, such as free movement of the center shock position to adjust from high-grip surfaces to slippery circuits, and the choice of crank or direct steering systems, this new machine incorporates the most advanced design features.


• Crank steering system delivers excellent left/right balance. Optional steering plate allows free
• Ackerman setting. Crank unit is supported by ball bearings on top and bottom and can be positioned in 3 different front-rear settings.
• 1/12 electric racing car incorporates the world’s most advanced design technology.
• Interchangeable front suspension (except knuckle) realizes maintenance efficiency.
• Compatible with reliable JR and Futaba mini servos for 1/12 class. *Sanwa can be used with optional part.
• Proven performance of coil springs installed on both front and rear sides. A variety of springs are available.
• Includes largest international standard size wheels (largest in its class).
• Uses metric (mm) size screws and nuts. *Only screws for rear wheel and clamp hub (L) are inch size.
• Ball diff has plenty of capacity with large diameter diff ring. Standard spur gear for DD cars can be used.
• Big roll shock features a revised roll piston and realizes larger tread area and increased effectiveness of grease through machine cut lateral grooves.
• High durability 7075-grade motor mount changed from two lower fixing points to upper & lower fixing points as well as being thinned for lighter weight. Also, gap created between the screws of the motor mount and lower pad reduces strain under contact from hits.
• Adjustment of spring tension can be made without removing parts through a hole in the lower pad that allows a 2.0mm hex wrench access to a 2mm hexagonal groove in the side spring holder.
• Stabilizer control is delivered through a carbon plate connecting the left & right suspension blocks.
• Urethane bumper included as standard. Body mount position moved 10mm towards the front to prevent body overhang.

• Roll point between main chassis and lower pad moved 2mm rearward to deliver sharper turning performance.
• Aluminum antenna holder secures antenna and center shock stay firmly. 6 center shock positions can be selected when used in combination with optional parts.
• Five ride height adjusters included: 0mm; 1.5mm; 2.5mm; 2.75mm, and 3.0mm. Most frequently used settings from 2.5mm to 3.0mm can be adjusted at 0.25mm increments. Nylon material delivers superior impact resistance.
• Large diameter wheels for the Ra 2.0 are the largest in its class. Made from soft nylon.
• Excess has been symmetrically removed from the chassis resulting in 20g lighter weight for pure racing performance.
• Front upper arm redesigned to a universal interchangeable shape for use on both front & rear, left & right sides, and with less play. Lower suspension arm redesigned for lighter weight and effective flex.
• Full ball bearing specifications (total 11). Crank also features two ball bearings.
• 92T spur gear included. Proven thrust bearing using 16 balls also included as standard.
• Motor mount fixing changed to upper & lower securement with 0.25mm lower mount than the previous model. Made from high strength 7075-grade aluminum.
• Chassis height can be adjusted with carbon spacer. Loosen the screw on bulkhead and push from behind to move forward for fast and easy chassis height adjustment. Carbon spacers of various thicknesses are available as options.


Brand Kyosho

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