Hobby Master 1/72 F-111C Aardvark 3024 Diecast

Hobby Master 1/72 F-111C Aardvark 3024 Diecast



General Background
The General Dynamics F-111 “Aardvark” entered service in 1967 as a medium-range aircraft designed for interdiction and tactical strikes. The F-111 was used as an all-weather attack aircraft capable of low-level penetration of enemy territory. It also could be used for reconnaissance and electronic warfare. Some unique features are variable geometry wings, the 2 crew members sat side by side in an escape capsule, internal weapons bay; terrain following radar and afterburning turbofans. The USAF retired their last F-111 in 1998 but the RAAF still use theirs.

The Aircraft
F-111C Aardvark A8-132, USAF serial 67-0132 first flew on October 21, 1968 and arrived in Australia on July 27, 1973. The aircraft spent 1979 until 1988 at RAAF Aircraft Research and Development Unit (ARDU) at RAAF base Amberley. A8-132 completed very intense weapons testing and completed over 30 major trials. At ARDU A8-132 received a paint scheme consisting of a camouflage upper surface and a white lower surface. The aircraft was retired in 2010 and sent to RAAF base Edinburgh wearing its former ARDU paint scheme.

Specifications :
Role : two-seat variable geometry, all-weather strike bomber
Entered service : Ordered in 1963, Delivered in June 1973
Crew : 2 side by side in air conditioned and pressurized capsule. The capsule ejects to provide shelter and protection from outside elements
Powerplant : 2 x Pratt & Whitney TF30-P103 two shaft axial flow turbofan engines rated @18,500 lb thrust with afterburners
Engine weight : 4,062lb (1,843 kg)
Max Speed (clean) : Mach 2.4 @ 40,000ft, Mach 1.1 @sea level
Typical range : cruise 485 mph at 19,000ft
Climb rate (combat) : 23,000ft/min
Ceiling Height : 50,000 / 65,000ft (depending on weight)
Ferry range with internal fuel : 3,700 miles
Dimensions :  
Length : 73.6 ft (22.4 m)
Height : 17.14 ft (5.22 m)
Wing area : 550sq ft (51.1m2)
Wing Sweep : 16 degrees (extended) - 70ft (21.33m) span
  72 degrees (full) sweep - 33ft 11.5in (10.35 m)
Weights :  
Empty: 55,275 lb (25,072 kg)
Loaded: 70,000 lb (31,751 kg)
Maximum Takeoff: 89,000 lb (40,370 kg)
Armament: 1 x 20mm M61A1 Vulcan with 2,084 rounds. (No longer carried)
  4 x GBU-15, 2000lb T.V. Guided Bombs
  4 x GBU-10, 2000lb Laser Guided bombs
  4 x Mk.84, 2,000lb bombs
  20 x Karinga cluster bomblet dispensers
  24 x 25lb practice bombs
  24 x 25 lb high-drag practice bombs
  4 x Harpoon, radar guided anti shipping missiles
  4 x GBU-12, 500lb Laser guided
  20 x Mk.82 500lb iron bombs with high-drag tail attachment
  24 x standard Mk.82 bombs
  Up to 6 x AIM-9 Sidewinder, Air-Air Missiles
  6 x 600 gallon drop tanks
  The internal weapons bay can house either fuel, bombs or the AVQ-26 Pave Tack Target Designator


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