Great Planes Retracts 40 Size GPM-Q2905

Great Planes Retracts 40 Size GPM-Q2905





These are .40 size Non-Rotating Mechanical Retracts from Great Planes...Ideal for .40 size glow powered aircraft.


  • 88.. degrees of movement compensates for 0.. to 2.. wing dihedral

  • Aerodynamic low-profile design

  • Positive up and down locking positions

  • Fiber-reinforced, Dark Blue injection-molded nylon housing for..added strength.

  • Chromed metal struts with two shock absorbing coils

  • Pre-assembled strut and housing for easy installation

  • Comes packaged in a hangable clear plastic rectangular box with wheel mounting diagram and actual size mounting template.


  • Two mechanical retract assemblies

  • Four pushnuts (friction washers) for installing wheels

  • Two adjustable axles

  • Two cap head screws for mounting axles (M3.2x5)


  • File a flat spot on the gear strut for mounting axle

  • Cutting off un-needed strut length

  • 3mm allen head wrench to tighten cap head screws

  • Clevis, wire pushrods, retract servo, wheels, and mounting install and operate retracts.


  • Strut Length: 6.9 (175mm) (bottom of mounting plate to tip)

  • Strut Diameter: .140 (3.5mm)

  • Net Weight: 1.9 oz (54g) per gear unit

  • Housing Width: .8 (20mm)

  • Housing Height: .95 (24.13mm)

  • Mounting Plate Width: 1.5 (30.5mm)

  • Mounting Plate Length: 1.5 (30.5mm)

  • Mounting Holes Width: 1.2 (30.5mm) (side to side on-center)

  • Mounting Holes Length: 1 (25.4mm) (front to rear on-center)

  • Axle Diameter: 5/32 (3.5mm)

  • Axle Length: 1 (25.4mm)


Brand Great Planes

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