GREAT PLANES ElectriFly Equinox LiPo Cell Balancer GPM-M3160

GREAT PLANES ElectriFly Equinox LiPo Cell Balancer GPM-M3160





This is the Great Planes ElectriFly Equinox LiPo Balancer for LiPo (Lithium Polymer) battery packs with 2 to 5 cells, assembled IN SERIES and wired for Balancing.

NOT Compatible with LiPo packs having a 2-pin Charge lead.


  • Regulates voltages of all cells in a Lithium Polymer pack to very tight tolerances during Charge and Discharge functions and provides a safe Charging and Discharging platform which is critical when handling LiPo batteries

  • Eight status LEDs and pushbutton control

  • Gold plated banana plugs on input for easy connection to Charger/Discharger

  • Automatically checks for poor quality cells

  • Maximum current handling capacity is 3A (current of up to 6A maximum is possible by using high-power adapters available separately, such as GPMM3163).

  • Unlike some Balancers, Equinox has two separate functions:
  • QUICK-BALANCE MODE: applies a small Discharge current to gently Balance voltages of all cells in a LiPo pack.

  • INTERFACE MODE: allows the Equinox to be used with a separate Charger or Discharger whereby it will monitor and control how each cell in the LiPo pack is Charged or Discharged.

  • Balanced packs typically charge to the fullest possible safe voltage, meaning more power to the motor system. Also, these packs generally last longer as no individual cell becomes overcharged.

  • Overcharging is one reason why LiPo packs fail


  • Great Planes ElectriFly Equinox LiPo Balancer with 2S and 3S battery adapters for ElectriFly, Venom, and ESky LiPos which are wired for Balancing

  • Interface Mode and Connection Flowchart and instruction manual


  • LiPo batteries with a compatible Balance Connector

  • Cannot be used with LiP packs that are Not wired for balancing


  • Compatible Input Devices: LiPo Chargers and Dischargers ONLY (operation based on nominal cell voltage of 3.7V per cell)

  • Cell Balancing Range: 2-series to 5-series LiPo packs (7.4-18.5V)

  • Max. Charge Current: 3A (over 3A requires special harness)

  • Discharge Termination: Auto-cut based on individual cell voltages, 2.75V per cell in Quick-Balance Mode, 3V per cell in Interface Mode (with separate Discharger)

  • Quick-Balance Mode Discharge Current: 120mA per cell

  • Overload Protection: 7.5A auto (spade) fuse

  • Dimensions: 3.23 x 1.57 x .59 in (82 x 40 x 15mm)

  • Weight: 1.55oz (43.8g)


Brand Great Planes

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