‘The enemy thinks he is safe behind this great river obstacle. We all agree that it is a great obstacle; but we will show the enemy that he is far from safe behind it. This great Allied fighting machine, composed of integrated land and air forces, will deal with the problem in no uncertain manner.

And having crossed the Rhine, we will crack about in the plains of Northern Germany, chasing the enemy from pillar to post. The swifter and more energetic our action the sooner the war will be over, and that is what we all desire: to get on with the job and finish off the German war as soon as possible.
Over the Rhine, then, let us go. And good hunting to you all on the other side.’

~ Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery, March 1945.

About Nachtjager

The British Army is at the Rhine, ready to cross into Germany. Opposing them are the resolute troops of the GermanKriegsmarine (navy personnel) and the newlyraised Panzerdivision ‘Clauswitz’. When the hammer falls in late March 1945, fierce night battles erupt all along the front. Small gaps are created through which fly new better armoured and upgunned Comet tanks, the pinnacle in British cruiser tank design. However, the night-fighters of Panzerdivision ‘Clausewitz’ with thier infra-red equipment await them in the shadows...

Inside You Will Find:

  • The history of the battle for the northern Rhine, including the battles of Operation Plunder.
  • History of the 51st (Highland) and 15th (Scottish) Divisions during Operation Plunder, and the 11th Armoured Division during the breakout.
  • The option to field a British Rifle Company, Armoured Squadron and the uniquly organised B Squadron, 15th/17th Hussars. 
  • History of the defenders of the Rhine, including 2. Marine-Infanteriedivision and Panzerdivision ‘Clausewitz’.
  •  The option to field a Marine-Grenadierkompanie, backed by imposing rail-mounted heavy FlaK guns,Panzerkampfgruppe Wallenberg, equipped with night-fighting Panther tanks and Jagdpanther tank-hunters, andPanzerkampfgruppe von Benningsen, armed with Panther and Panzer IV tanks.
  • Optional rules for fighting battles at night.
  • Inspirational colour photos.


Brand Flames of War

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