Market Garden

Market Garden covers the Allied operations in Holland from September to November 1944. This includes two major operations, one to capture Arnhem, code-named Operation Market Garden, the second to open a deep-water port in Antwerp by clearing the heavily defended Scheldt Estuary.

The first of these operations was the brainchild of Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, commander of the British 21st Army Group. The Allies assembled the largest ever airborne force and dropped it along a 60-mile corridor leading from the front lines to Arnhem. Meanwhile, 30 Corps launched its assault north toward Arnhem, linking up with the paratroopers along the way.

The German reaction was quick and brutal as vicious battles broke out all along ‘Hell’s Highway’ and in Arnhem. On both sides, heroic last-stands were fought to the last, bold amphibious assaults were launched, and desperate counterattacks crashed into enemy lines.

Meanwhile, the First Canadian Army launched its own massive attack to clear the Scheldt Estuary. Here, Germans have dug themselves in so tight, that only a bloody step-by-step operation by the Canadians can clear them out.

Market Garden also includes all of the Canadian and British forces that fought in the flooded and muddy battlefields of Holland. The Canadians got so good at fighting in the mud and water of Holland that they earned the nickname, Water Rats.

These are Montgomery’s greatest gambles and now you are part of it. Can you help get the lads home by Christmas?

British Companies

  • Frost’s Perimeter Force
  • Warrior: Lieutenant Colonel John Frost
  • British Parachute Company
  • Warrior: Major General Roy Urquhart
  • Polish Parachute Company
  • Warrior: Major General Stanislaw Sosabowski
  • Airlanding Company
  • Glider Pilot Squadron
  • Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron
  • Airborne Field Company, Royal Engineers
  • Armoured Squadron
  • Armoured Recce Squadron
  • Warrior: Captain Geoffrey Walter Fownes Luttrell, MC
  • Motor Company
  • Lorried Rifle Company
  • 2nd Household Cavalry Armoured Car Squadron
  • Inns of Court Armoured Car Squadron
  • Commando

American Companies

  • Parachute Rifle Company: 82nd Airborne Division
  • Warrior: Major Julian Cook
  • Warrior: Brigadier General James Gavin
  • Parachute Rifle Company: 101st Airborne Division
  • Warrior: Major General Maxwell Taylor
  • Glider Rifle Company

Canadian Companies

  • Canadian Armoured Squadron
  • Canadian Armoured
  • Recce Squadron
  • Warrior: Major David V. Currie, VC
  • Canadian Motor Company
  • Canadian Armoured Car Squadron
  • Rifle Company
  • Recce Squadron


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