The first Pacific book covers the US Marine Corps. The land and sea fighting troops of the US Naval Department, though not part of the US Navy, were closely associated with them. They were at the forefront of much of the fighting in the Pacific, bearing the brunt of many of the Japanese attacks early in the war, but eventually leading the fight during the liberation of the Pacific Islands from the clutches of Imperial Japan.

Gung-Ho also includes rules and two missions for performing Amphibious Assaults, Island Landing and Atoll Landing. The Island Landing Mission has your Marines landing on an Island without a coral reef or a lagoon, where the landing craft and amphibious vehicles come straight onto the beach. In the Atoll Landing Mission the Marines must negotiate a coral reef, then a shallow lagoon, before they hit the beach. The Amphibious Assault rules include rules for the reef, lagoon, and for getting your troops ashore, be they in Landing Craft, Amphibious LVT(4) Amtrac or DUKW trucks.


Brand Flames of War

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