Flames of War Colours of War (2019) FW918

Flames of War Colours of War (2019) FW918



Welcome to the new edition of Colours Of War

Everything that you loved about the original version just got bigger and better, growing from 88 pages to a massive 136 page tome.

In 2015 we completely overhauled the way we approached painting guides with Colours Of War, which proved incredibly popular, to the point where, despite being reprinted a couple of times, it has been out of stock for a couple of years now.

With that in mind, Pete approached me last year with the news that we had just signed a deal with Vallejo for them to release and supply our historical range of paints, and that we needed a new version of Colours Of War to go with it.

This led to an updated version of Colours Of War, which has been a labour of love. Not content to do anything the easy way, we decided to not just update the book, but to expand and add in all the painting, modelling, and marking guides from all the Mid-war books that we have published since the original version of Colours Of War.

Still not content, we decided to add and expand on the painting guides from all of the World War III: Team Yankee rulebooks, creating the most complete painting book we have ever made.

Whether you have never painted before or have years of experience, this book is a tool to help you get the most out of your Flames Of War and World War III: Team Yankee models. Our books have always had basic painting guides, but we have never been able to provide as much information as we would have liked until now. Working with Vallejo has opened up a massive paint range that they have been developing and refining for decades. We have scoured their paint range and come up with a collection of sets that cover all of the basic colours you need to paint your armies for the tabletop.

The Colours Of War book covers everything you need to get your army ready for gaming. There is a section covering painting techniques, as well as the theory of highlighting and shading.

The Common Features section covers painting guides for all the items which every army needs - faces, weapons, tank tracks, etc., saving space in the national sections for more specific details and information.

In the World War II section there are painting guides for Americans, Germans, British, Soviets, and Italians, consisting of painting guides, colour and marking references, and camouflage schemes.

The World War III section contains painting and marking guides for all the nations currently in Team Yankee.

The paint guides themselves are broken down into manageable step-by-step tasks, with most comprising no more than around four simple steps. This book will cover all your painting needs for both Flames Of War and Team Yankee


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