Faller HO Fitters Shop FAL-130192

Faller HO Fitters Shop FAL-130192




For steely men. A locksmith...s shop which gives you an insight into the workings of the workshop. Demonstrating the mastery of metal, a drive hammer, frame saw, bellow and bench grinder do the locksmiths bidding whilst coal is glowing in the hearth. The workshops detailed equipment includes a workbench, anvil, tools, trolleys and much more. It has a forged fence from house production.

This building kit contains: 332 single parts in 13 colours, window foil, 1 drive motor, 1 paper mask and 1 set of instructions.

Level of difficulty:..Experienced

Era/Period:..1946 - 1977

Scale/Guage:..HO (1:87 Scale)

Dimensions:..200 x 160 x 88mm



Brand Faller

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