Faller HO ARAL Fuel Depot Complex FAL-130485

Faller HO ARAL Fuel Depot Complex FAL-130485



Faller - HO ARAL Tank Farm

ARAL tank farm complex with 3 cylindrical tank boilers of different capacity, partly connected by staircases and platforms. Transport options via the piping system. With office container for the control technology.

A plastic model kit that comes unassembled. It may require glue and other basic modelling tools.

Whether it's trees, rocks, grass, buildings, or even rubble, FALLER everything you need to make your own model landscape. Top quality materials to make amazing dioramas for your hobby collection, or school projects.

- Scale: 1/87 / H0
- Model Railway Brand: Faller
- Era: V 1986 - 2006
- Difficulty: Average
- Model Type: Trade, commerce, industry
- Dimensions double tank: 285 x 130 x 170 mm
- Dimensions tank: 134 x 128 x 105 mm
- Dimensions of the bucket: 86 x 40 x 32 mm

Kit Contains:
- 417 items in 6 colors
- Window foil
- 1 construction manual
- Use FALLER plastic glue for tinkering

Lasercut building kit

With the new lasercut technology it is possible to precisely cut natural materials. You can think of wood for example. Another commonly used material is, of course, cardboard. The cardboard is often pre-printed with the correct color before it is cut by the laser. Where a plastic kit often shines very much, this is not the case with this lasercut kit. So you do not first have to age the kit with paint or wax.


Brand Faller

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