Dhr the Lesser Houses

Dhr the Lesser Houses



Duhr accommodates 4 to 6 players. Each player is the master of a Lesser House of Dûhr, vying for Great House status. Players take turns using cards in their hand to trigger events, place suspicions and scandals on each others House, or activate their Houses unique ability to affect cards already placed. The accumulation of suspicion and scandal cards on a House erodes the populaces favor for that House. All Houses begin play favored and free of suspicions and scandals. When a House gains a total of 5 suspicion and/or scandal cards, it falls into disfavor with the populace. If a disfavored House has 3 or more revealed scandal cards, it becomes vilified. The game ends when the number of favored Houses remaining is 1 or none. Whoever has the highest score, based on the cards on their House and their secret agenda, wins. It is possible for a disfavored or vilified House to outscore a favored House and win the game! Table talk, card trading, and deal-making are encouraged.


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