Dragon 1/72 Challenger II w/ BAR Armour DR 7287

Dragon 1/72 Challenger II w/ BAR Armour DR 7287




he Challenger 2 is a very capable tank and is one of the most heavily protected in the world with its second-generation Chobham armor. The 62.5-tonne tank entered British Army service in 1998 and it has since seen operational use in Kosovo and combat in Iraq since 2003. In places like Iraq, one of the gravest threats is from hollow-charge RPGs, and a special kit was developed to help mitigate this threat. This involves a Dorchester Armour Level 2 applique armor kit supplemented by a ...cage.. of bar armor fitted around the more vulnerable rear areas of the hull and turret. This system is being successfully used on Challenger 2 tanks in Iraq at the present time...



  • Bar Armor finely reproduced with photo-etched parts

  • Newly tooled turret side blocks on both sides

  • One-piece slide-molded lower hull w/fine detail

  • Slide molds reproduce delicate details on upper hull

  • Side-skirt armor with correct detail

  • DS tracks

  • Cartograf decals


Brand Dragon

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