Desk Top Army Fate/Grand Order No.2

Desk Top Army Fate/Grand Order No.2



Product Description
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Here comes the second collaboration between MegaHouse's Desktop Army mini action figure lineup and "Fate/Grand Order"! You get a set of three 8cm tall figures, each adorably proportioned, fully posable and heavily armed!  You'll get Saber/Nero Claudius, Lancer/Elizabeth Bathory, and Lancer/Scathach.  Each comes with a transparent clear base to stand on, and you can swap their armor and weaponry between them, and also between other Desktop Army figures! 

Product Features
3.15 inches (8cm)
Made of PVC
Adorable super deformed mini figures
Compatible with accessories released for previous models
Custom clear display bases
Includes bonus item
Box Contents
Saber/Nero Claudius figure
Lancer/Elizabeth Bathory figure
Lancer/Scathach figure
2 Lances
Bonus: Random postcard (from 3 possible types)


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