Corgi VW Golf Mk2 GTI, Alpine White

Corgi VW Golf Mk2 GTI, Alpine White



Early 8-valve MK2 GTIs are now very rare, especially in excellent unrestored condition like the example modelled. It has been owned by Yorkshire-based Michael Burke since he bought it from dealers Cheshire Sport Classics in late 2012 when it had covered just 33,000 miles.

Remarkably he is only the car’s third owner. It was originally purchased in August 1984 by Mr P Handy from his local VW dealers, Kensworth Garage Ltd, which was based in a building called ‘The Foreign Office’ in Dunstable. Second owner, London-based Sevan Alticosalian, acquired the car in September 2008 and continued to service it regularly whilst doing a modest mileage. As a result the car is remarkably original.


Brand Corgi

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