Carrera GO!!! Star Wars - Yoda

Carrera GO!!! Star Wars - Yoda



A long time ago in a far away galaxy' the Jedi knights waged war on the forces of evil. The Carrera GO!! Star Wars set brings the cult sci-fi adventure featuring dark lord Darth Vader and the wise Jedi Master Yoda to the racetrack. The 6.2-metre Carrera GO circuit features a loop and a high bend for intergalactically exciting race action.Master Yoda, as well as being an endless source of wisdoms, displays amazing driving skills around the Carrera GO!!! racetrack, despite his age of around 900 years. May the turbo button be with you. The 1:43 scale Carrera GO!!! Star Wars Slotcar "Yedi" is a thrilling, faithfully detailed reproduction. This Carrera car is perfect for introducing children of 6 years and upwards to the fascinating Carrera Racing World.



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