Team Yankee 1/100 Leopard (48pg) FW906

Team Yankee 1/100 Leopard (48pg) FW906



A third nation is about to enter the Third World War in Team Yankee, with the arrival in July of West Germany. 

Leopard, West Germans in World War III expands the story started in Team Yankee.

Leopard tells the story of Hauptmann Müller’s Kampfgruppe of Leopard 2 tanks and their brave defence of Northern Germany against the Soviet invasion.

Leopard is a 48-page full-colour hardback supplement for Team Yankee, World War III. Inside you will find:

  • Background on the West German army, Panzer Division 1, and Kampfgruppe Müller.
  • Instructions on how to build a PanzerPanzergrenadier, orPanzeraufklärungs company.
  • Three Scenarios to test your skills with your West German force.
  • A detailed painting guide to help you prepare your West Germans for combat.


Brand Team Yankee

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