Bandai 1/48 & 1/144 Star Wars Snowspeeder Set (Tentative)

Bandai 1/48 & 1/144 Star Wars Snowspeeder Set (Tentative)



Snow Speeder who was active in the battle of Planet Phos is a luxury version with 1/48 scale and 1/144 scale set!Orange line with strong impression of wedge machine, 1/48 scale version reproduced by molding color and seal. The 1/144 scale version reproduces the orange line at the seal.AT - AT has been overturned "Power . Harpoon" is also included, and an impressive scene can be reproduced.The 1/48 scale version can be expanded by replacing the "air brake" at the top, bottom, left, and right with parts.By combining "1/144 AT-AT (sold separately)" and "Vehicle model 008AT-ST & Snow Speeder (sold separately)", it is possible to reproduce one scene of the fight of Hosu.


Brand Bandai

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