Avant Garde 1/48 Mikoyan Mig-31B / BS Foxhound

Avant Garde 1/48 Mikoyan Mig-31B / BS Foxhound




AMK...s MiG-31B/BS comes in large and deep box for a 1:48 scale kit, and it...s packed to the brim. ..The parts are distributed on 26 grey injection molded sprues that contain 228 parts. ..Panel lines and rivet/screw details are all recessed. ..Another two sprues contain a total of 26 clear parts... One photoetch metal fret holds 27 metal detail parts. ..The instruction booklet is printed in full color and construction proceeds through 27 steps. ..Two decal sheets cover markings for three aircraft and also include extensive airframe stencils, missile stencils, ejection seat stencils, and canopy frame seals for one jet. ..The three Foxhound schemes in the box are:

  • MiG-31 BS, ...16 Blue,.. Russian Air Force, Chelyabinsk-Shagol AB, 2014
  • MiG-31 BS, ...23 Red,.. Kazakstan Air Force, 2012
  • MiG-31 B, ...73 Blue,.. Savasleyka AB (no date)

The fidelity of detail is outstanding, whether one considers the surface detail of the exterior airframe, landing gear, wheel wells, cockpit, and even intake trunking. ..Attention to other details, such as providing parts for the interior of the canopy frames, wheel hubs as separate parts from the tires, and finely injection molded rear-view mirrors as part of the canopy frame parts (usually such mirrors are provided as fine photoetched metal parts) just add to the appeal of this kit. ..Flaps, slats, and the rudders are all separate parts. ..The underside speedbrakes can be deployed open or closed, intake ramps can be positioned open or closed, and the in-flight refueling probe and infrared search sensor can built extended or retracted.

The kit design and parts breakdown is smart and creative, including the one-piece lower wing structure that ensures the builder has both the correct and equal dihedral on both wings. ..Parts for both D30-F6 jet engines are included. ..While all but the compressor faces and exhaust nozzles are hidden from view in the built model, the inclusion of the complete engine certainly gives one ideas for dioramas.

Slide molds were used to produce a single-piece nose for the Foxhound, and the completed cockpit slides in from the back on rails. ..Slide molds were also used to make the R-33 Amos (x4), the R-40 Archer (x2) and the R-60M Aphid B (x4) missiles... While we...ve seen this approach in the molding of missiles before, such as with the Great Wall Hobby 1:48 scale F-15 and MiG-29 series, this is the first time AMK has done so. ..The detail AMK achieved on these missiles must be seen to be believed... The rivet detail on the R-33s and -40s is beautifully executed.


Brand Avant Garde

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